Cook with Love!

Beef Curry with potatoes and drumstickCarrot cake with cream cheese frosting
I always wanted to do something about this “obsession” (if I could call it that) I have with food so I thought I’ll start with a blog. I created an account on WordPress and forgot about it… After days passed, I would log on everyday and look at my empty page, I knew I wanted to write if not anything then just share my recipes but instead i would read a few blogs and then log off and then do it all over again the next day and the next… I don’t know when and what made me write this blog but I was writing and I didn’t want to stop. I love food, I love eating and I love cooking. I love eating out as much as I love eating home cooked meals. I cook everyday and for me dinner is the most important meal and ending my day with a good, tasty dinner with friends and family gives me much satisfaction, mostly because I hate eating alone! Easy simple cooking is the way I like in my kitchen… oh! and some good music! I believe cooking and music go hand in hand and in my case it helps me whip up a meal in no time.
 Fried Noodles
I learnt cooking after I got married, you could say after being used to my mother’s delicious cooking, I could not think of eating anything that didn’t taste as good hence cooking was not just a hobby but my necessity. The way I go about cooking is different, different I say because I don’t use any measurements, I just use my estimation of how much an ingredient needs to be there in a dish. I don’t follow a recipe blindly more so because I have a knack of how different ingredients marry and what goes well with them. All I need are the ingredients and the method, and sometimes improvisation. I love to cook and I cook with love for my friends and family and this I want to share. So there it is, my first blog post and hopefully many more to come. Watch this space for my recipes and cooking experiences.