Welcome to my kitchen. My name is Ruby and I love food. I was born in New Delhi, the food mecca of India, the melting pot of pure gastronomical heaven. I grew up with an obsession for Indian food. From spending long hours in my mum’s kitchen to my dad taking us out every weekend to the coolest
restaurants in the city, I was raised with the best taste of both worlds. As a little girl, I would always look forward to our family get-togethers, which were a feast of a delectable mix of Indian, western and Burmese cuisines, and it was here that I was introduced to some of the best food I have had in my life.About_main

In the winter of 2006, I got married and moved to Singapore, and hence my journey of cooking really began. Not only would I be hard pressed to find good authentic Indian food in Singapore, the food was just not spicy enough for my taste. I learnt a lot of my cooking from my mum over the phone and gradually built up my repertoire, and eased into the world of Indian cooking. I had conquered one milestone in my journey as a cook, but still one more to go, I had never tried cooking the street food I loved back in India. So I began my quest and cooked everything from a Tandoori chicken to a Samosa, and tried to emulate the food back home. My mission was to make the food as authentic as possible in a foreign country. After a year of experimenting and improvising, I had nailed most of the dishes I liked and was quite satisfied with the results.

In the summer of 2009, I moved to one of the most beautiful countries on this planet – Australia. I made Sydney my home and couldn’t have been happier. It is a city where strangers greet you with a warm smile and say g’day. Sydneysiders are like me, they love food, music, art, fashion and above all family!

My family and friends have always encouraged that I put my culinary skills to better use, and what better than to think aloud and share what I have learnt over the years. So I started this space to connect with fellow food aficionados and swap food stories.